This is me


After graduating in the field of Socio-Economic Systems Engineering in 2008, I entered the field of work and during 14 years of specialized activity in the field of business analysis and strategic planning, I gained many experiences. Analytical thinking skills, strategic thinking and problem solving skills can be mentioned among the most important achievements of these years. From 2022, relying on these skills and learning some methods such as SQL, R Programming and Tableau, I entered the fascinating world of data analysis, and I have big dreams that I will strive to achieve.

Hojat Salmanizadeh

My Latest Experiences


Business development and sustainable employment project (Takapoo)

Isfahan Province Agent

2016 to 2021

MediaTeb Company

Strategy Consultant

2021 to 2022

خوشه لبنی اصفهان شرکت دلسا نگاره آرپان پرداز دلسا

Golpayegan Dairy Products Cluster

Cluster Development Agent

2016 to 2018

Value Chain Analysis of Top 10 Industries of Isfahan

Project Manager

2011 to 2012

Value Chain Analysis of Afghan Labor in IRAN

Member of Technical Stuff


خوشه طلای اصفهان شرکت دلسا نگاره آرپان پرداز دلسا

Isfahan Gold Jewelry Cluster

CDA Assistant

2011 to 2015

My Skills


SQL and Spreadsheets

Tableau and PowerPoint

R Programming

Strategic Thinking

Problem Solving

Data Cleaning and Analyzing

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    55 444 333 021